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Choosing A Crystal Chandelier For Your Bedroom

Crystal chandeliers can help make a room appear more elegant and more beautiful while still making it functional in terms of lighting.

When discussing about light fixtures, people usually think of crystal chandeliers initially, this may be attributed to its characteristic of being a well-known sophisticated and attractive lighting that can help improve the overall quality and aesthetic look of any room. This type of chandelier offers a wide variety of choices for its consumers, ranging from different and unique designs, different colors, to the size, shape and number of crystals that are actually used on the chandelier.

Although there are a lot of different kinds of chandeliers out there, crystal chandeliers are considered to be one of the most expensive and most popular types of chandeliers in the market. A lot of people are attracted to crystal chandeliers mainly because of its exquisiteness and majesty that can be associated with royalty or wealth, which is why a lot of people choose to use this type of chandelier in decorating their homes.

Where To Put Chandeliers

Chandeliers are more commonly used in the dining room or the living room, which are places wherein people mostly get together and hold parties or social gatherings. These are the more ideal places to put crystal chandeliers since these rooms usually have high ceilings, or offer enough space to accommodate whatever sized chandelier you may have, in order to avoid making the room feel cramp or crowded. However, with the evolving trend nowadays, chandeliers are beginning to find their way to other rooms that normally would not house such an ornate fixture. One room in particular is the bedroom.

Chandeliers In Bedrooms

Bedrooms are commonly used for sleeping and resting. This is considered to be a place of sanctuary for a person, especially for a person who wishes to get away from his work or the world in general. Since bedrooms are used for such intimate settings and purposes, putting crystal chandeliers in it would not be at the top of people’s list. However, crystal chandeliers in bedrooms can actually help create the mood that you desire for your bedroom, improving your bedroom’s aesthetic look as well as its functionality.

Choosing Chandeliers For Your Bedroom

When choosing crystal chandeliers for bedrooms, it is important to remember that the look of the chandelier should not overpower the aura that the bedroom is creating. Keep in mind that the chandelier should not be the main focus of the room, but the bed should be, which is why your chandelier should not be too over-elaborate in order to make it complement the room instead of overpowering it. The design should be soft and smooth to help accent the atmosphere of the bedroom.

The look of any chandelier is only half the battle, which is why determining the type of light, color and brightness, of the chandelier is just as important in maintaining the serene environment of your bedroom. You can always attach your crystal chandelier to a dimmer switch so you can adjust the light from very bright to a bit dim, depending on the type of lighting that you may need. In terms of color, crystal chandeliers can create some of the most stunning display of colors through the lighting and the crystals used on the chandelier, giving your room a certain aura and look. It would be best, however, if you chose colors that are not too dark or too strong, for this can help create a soft glow to your room, making it a more appealing place to rest.

Chandelier Can Give Elegance to a Home

Chandeliers were seen to mansions, houses of the rich, and palaces because of there sophisticated and elegant look. Definitely, chandeliers are attractive lights that hang to the ceiling of a house.

Nowadays, chandelier can be seen not only at the mansions and palaces, you can actually find chandelier at any home. Yes, there are plenty of chandeliers that are affordable to purchase, so anyone can certainly have their very own chandelier that can give elegance to their homes.

There are a lot of kinds of chandeliers, one of which is crystal chandelier. And there are thousands of styles of styles of crystal chandeliers that you can choose from. You can hang a crystal chandelier to any part of your home; it can be at your dining room, living room, and bedroom and so on. It is really up to you where you want to put the crystal chandelier that can make your home elegant and sophisticated.

If you are planning to purchase a crystal chandelier for your home, you have to consider certain factors to make sure that the one you purchase will fit and suit your home.

Measurements are important. So you have to measure the height of the particular room you desire to put the chandelier. The crystal chandelier should not exceed 30 inches above your head. Make sure not to hang it too high because it will just appear dwarfed.

If you really want to put a crystal chandelier in your home, you have to decide the exact room you want to place it and you have to consider this room in choosing the right crystal chandelier. You have to bear in mind that different rooms are entitled with different styles and sizes.

There are some guidelines that you have to take note in order for you to determine the right or appropriate size for a particular room. This article will give you these guidelines that can help you out, so just continue reading.

Choose and put a crystal chandelier that is about 1.5 to 2 feet wide if you have a six person dining table, if you have an eight person dining table, you have to put a crystal chandelier that is about 2 to 2.5 feet wide, and for dining table of 10 to 12 persons, you have to put a crystal chandelier that is about 2.5 to 3.5 feet wide, if you desire to put your crystal chandelier on your dining table. You have to choose and put a crystal chandelier that is about 20 to 30% of your living room’s width, if you desire to put it to your living room. Choose and put a crystal chandelier that is about 30 to 40% of your foyer’s width, if you want to place it to your foyer or entrance hall.

In putting the bulbs on your crystal chandelier, there are still things that you need to consider in order to make sure o your safety. You have to add the total watts of all the bulbs needed on your crystal chandelier. As you add all the watts, it should be not exceeding to 200 to 400 watts. It is advisable to buy the right bulbs for the safety of your home.

In order to make sure to have a crystal chandelier that can add beauty and elegance of your home, you have to match it with the architectural style of your home. Decide if you prefer to use either clear crystals, colored crystals or a combination of these two.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fixtures Distinction Point of Confusion

Chandeliers are generally considered “fixtures”, which means that it is included in the sale of the house, or are pieces of appliances or furniture that can be removed without causing and are not “chattel”, which actually refers to personal property, or those that does not convey.

In sales, this area is usually a common point of confusion, which is why sellers or buyers, as well as agents, should be careful when in a sale in order to avoid any legal impediment later on.

A lawyer with the Washington office of DeConcini, McDonald, Yetwin and Lacy, Barrett Kime describes these type so distinctions as an irreparable and slippery-slope term which can be remedied by taking inventory of items, or at the very least making it clear that the item does not convey in sales brochures.

The Beauty Of Colored Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers are ornate pieces of lighting fixtures that requires a favorable environment in able to help it flourish.

Usually, this type of chandeliers is sought after by people due to its ability to improve a room’s aesthetic value. Crystal chandeliers are known for their elegance and exquisiteness, but are still able to function as a lighting fixture for a room, making it both beautiful and functional at the same time. They come in various shapes, sizes, with an array of designs and effects.

Most of the time, people who chooses chandeliers mainly choose them for their look, and serve more as a centerpiece for a room, rather than a light source for the room. Although its different shapes and designs attract most people to crystal chandeliers, the more important aspect, and probably the more influential factor that makes crystal chandeliers more appealing and beautiful is the color of the crystals.

The crystals used in crystal chandeliers come in a variety of colors, ranging from pinks to blues, each one giving off a certain effect and influence in the room’s overall appearance and aura. People sometimes overlook the effectiveness and the importance of the role that colors play in crystal chandeliers. Some are contented with having a crystal chandelier without even taking into consideration the color of the crystals, and how it is going to affect the atmosphere of the room. People do not think that the color of the crystals will make that much difference, but they actually do, which is why it is important to factor them in when choosing a crystal chandelier for a particular room.

The color of crystal chandeliers can have a number of importances in improving the overall aesthetics of the room, one obvious factor is how the color can make the entire room come alive, especially when the light hits the colorful crystals. Keep in mind that chandeliers are also lighting fixtures, so it is important to factor in the light and how it can affect the colored crystals as well.

If you want to set the mood in a room, you can do so using the different colors that the crystals in chandeliers come in. If you want to create a room that is calm and very relaxing, then using blue-colored crystals on your chandelier can help you attain that effect. If you want to set a more romantic tone to your room’s atmosphere, you can always choose to use red-colored crystals, or some other color that you find will help you attain such purpose.

The different colors, and how they sparkle and refract light, can help enhance the room’s ambiance, as well as its look. It is important to bear in mind the color of the room, the walls, floors, furniture, and all the elements in the room since the colors should help complement each other. Having an all red room is not entirely appealing.

Aside from the light, colored crystals in chandeliers also help make the chandelier look more exquisite than it already is. The color can help make a crystal chandelier stand out in the room, even when the light in the chandelier is not turned on. After all, it is not just the design, shape and size of the crystal chandelier that makes people want to buy it, but also the color.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What Makes A Chandelier Expensive?

Chandeliers are one of the best ornate fixtures that people can invest their money in, especially in making their homes, or offices, more aesthetically pleasing and extravagant.

Chandeliers have a natural ability of adding a feeling of elegance and warmth to any room that it is placed in, and it also serves as an essential ingredient in creating a particular ambiance in its environment while acting as a functional interior lighting in any home. Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy these aesthetically pleasing lighting fixtures as most of these furnishings are not that cheap, in fact, they are quite expensive depending on the type and kind of chandelier that you may be purchasing.

Chandeliers can come in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes, and designs, which can be made of a number of different materials in its construction. All of these factors can determine the cost of any chandelier, which is why some chandeliers are considered to be more expensive than others. It is important to keep in mind that chandeliers are often related to the lavish and the extravagant, which is probably why most households that do have chandeliers in a part or some parts of their home are those that can afford it. Although there are cheap chandeliers as well, you still do not normally see chandeliers in poor households, or those which are not that well off financially.

Construction materials

One of the things that factors in a chandelier’s expensive cost is primarily the materials that is used in creating it. There are certain chandeliers that use crystals, such as the Swarovski crystals, as part of its materials. These crystals are used in making the chandelier appear more elegant and extravagant by adding it in the design of the entire chandelier. Crystals aren’t exactly cheap stuff, and considering that chandeliers use not just one, but a myriad of different types of crystals in constructing just one chandelier should give you an idea of just how expensive these lighting fixtures really are. Also, the materials used for the frame of the chandelier as well are taken into consideration, which is why two similar-looking chandeliers can vary in prices depending on the materials used in constructing them.


The size of the chandelier also plays a factor in its price, which is actually directly proportional to the amount of materials used in its construction, making larger chandeliers more expensive than smaller ones. However, those larger chandeliers that are made of cheap construction materials will not cost more than a smaller one that is made up of the finest construction materials around.

Design or pattern

The design or pattern on the chandelier itself can also be a factor in increasing the value of the chandelier, especially if the design pattern is very intricate and very elaborate. There are some chandeliers that do not have that much design but are more expensive than those that do, which could mean that certain factors may weigh more in the other chandelier as compared to the cheaper one, making the prior more expensive than the other.

No single factor dictates the price of a chandelier, which is why all of these different factors help influence the cost of chandeliers, but naturally, chandeliers are not cheap to begin with, so do not expect to be able to buy a brand new chandelier for a very cheap price, especially if all of the following factors are present.

Modern Chandeliers For Today's Fast-Paced Lifestyles

Chandeliers have been famous for being viewed and revered as gleaming emblems and symbols of wealth, affluence and social status. These multi-faceted crystal fixtures were design shorthand for class.

These ornate lighting fixtures were reserved to install only in the homes of the affluent, and were common fixtures in the ballrooms, dining rooms, and hallways of wealthy landlords, kings and queens, and aristocrats. However, as times have changed, and designs evolving, the look and feel of these lighting pieces has also truly been revolutionized.

In the 1960s, the world of interior design took a turn toward less formal but more subtle forms of illumination. Recessed lights, track lighting and other minimalist innovations became the standard trend. These lighting fixtures were often seen as fine pieces for castles, historic estates, grand mansions or the lobby of a classy five-star hotel, but viewed as too impractical, large and quite fussy for modern homes.

Chandeliers Are Making A Unique, Modern Comeback

These elegant and gracious lighting fixtures have been making a comeback of late; and although they still retain their fabulous looks, they are now more fun to look at. Chandeliers are enjoying a renaissance of their own. These multi-tiered ornate lighting moguls have always been seen as regular fixtures in the fine' furniture sales and country house contents auctions, and sometimes have specialist dealers to deal with.

Now, partly in a revolt against mean-spirited minimalist lighting creators and partly because cut, blown or molded glass and soft lighting are blending into a wonderful mixture that has enthralled many for over three centuries, the private markets are setting their sights for these glittering works of art again. And, in keeping touch with the old traditions of excellence, more young lighting designers are turning out unique, modern but still extraordinarily beautiful 21st-century lighting fixtures.

Today's modern chandelier creations are being produced in a wide array of shapes and sizes, and using a much wider array of materials. Metal chandeliers made of wrought iron are very popular and are seen to have a wider piece of the market. Glass chandeliers are also available, and has a much wider price range. From small delicate lighting pieces that can add an element of style to even a small room, to elaborately designed intricate crystal ones, glass chandeliers offer a range of variety.

According to home lighting analysts, there are no defining boundaries or dead ends for the designing of modern chandeliers. At present, A popular European design company has come out with sleeker and more revolutionary designs as diverse as milk bottle chandeliers that have just one light bulb, to elaborate pieces that have 85 light bulbs.

Sleek designs are now being viewed as the hallmark of modern chandeliers. The sleekness of the design ensures that there are less number of surfaces to clean, and to ensure that this would fit very well with the modern fast paced lifestyle. Less maintenance hassles make modern chandeliers a sensible purchase option for today's diverse line of home and office lighting buyers.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Crystal Chandeliers Can Be Therapeutic

Crystal chandeliers are known for possessing the ability to engender the feeling of elegance and regality to it, giving the space to where they hang the aura of warmth and beauty.

These ornate fixtures are often times the center of attraction in the rooms where they hang, and rightfully so, since these hanging pieces of art are an integral part in turning a room from an ordinary looking space into an enchanting room that can leave people feeling a bit bedazzled and amazed. Aside from the aesthetic value that crystal chandeliers bring to a person’s home, it also serves as a lighting fixture, which means that it is not only beautiful, but functional as well.

Crystal chandeliers can come in a variety of shapes, designs, sizes and colors, all of which are able to add a little something to the overall effect and look of the room. The different varieties of crystal chandeliers gives its owners the ability to personalize and customize their chandelier to fit well into their home’s design, and can even be used to reflect the personality and character of its owner, depending on how he may integrate it into the overall design of the room and the house where it will be placed to hang. This variety in the kinds of crystal chandeliers gives it a myriad of different uses and application, all of which offer its owner a unique benefit and advantage.

One of those unique uses or applications for crystal chandeliers is how it can be used as a therapeutic tool for its owner. It has been known that crystals were used on people due to their therapeutic values, giving people the opportunity to heal themselves. Of course, these are just wishful thinking on our part. Nonetheless, crystal chandeliers do possess certain therapeutic values that can be used to help its owners cope with stress, and can even set the right mood to help calm and relax them.

Chandeliers’ Therapeutic Values

One way that this can be achieved is through the types of crystals that you use on your crystal chandeliers. Some people respond well to certain types of colors, and can have varying responses to others, depending on where he is more akin to. Using crystals that give of a particular color that you consider to be soothing will help you relax when you are in the room where the chandelier is hanging. The colors that the crystals on the chandelier give off can help set the mood for the room, giving you a room where you can just relax and rest. Certain colors can help achieve this calm and soothing effect, and with the effect of how crystals are able to bounce of the light on their surface, it can also add to the effect of creating a neutral, peaceful room.

The type of light that you use can also play a factor on its therapeutic value, which is why when you want to create a soothing, peaceful room where you can just relax, then you need to choose the type of light that will help set that tone in your room.

The design of the chandelier should also be consider, especially since some of the designs of crystal chandeliers are very extravagant and ornate, making it a bit annoying to look at in times when you simply want to relax your tired eyes after a long day at work. Choose the design that is not too-elaborate, but is elegant still, in order to maintain the look of the chandelier.

Ensuring That Your Modern Chandelier Will Continue To Retain Its Beauty And Glow

Modern chandeliers are seen as newer, sleeker and more minimalist versions of the elegant and eccentric chandeliers of olden times.

These modern lighting fixture are made in various shapes and sizes, as well as from different materials. The ones made from metal are built of wrought iron, and are very popular and enjoy getting a wider piece of the market. Glass chandeliers too are available across a wider price range. There are also smaller delicate ones that can truly add an element of style to even small rooms.

Even when unlit, modern chandeliers act as a sleek, elegant and highly ornamental pieces which help add to the beauty of the room to which it hangs, because modern lighting fixtures are made with a lot of care, and a lot of attention is given to detail. Because these wonderfully designed lighting pieces often become the focal point of the room, intricate design and excellent craftsmanship are key in fashioning out lighting pieces that will truly be pleasing to the eye.

These Lighting Fixtures Are Back In Vogue

According to many interior design and home decor experts, modern chandeliers are coming back to the scene, and are back in vogue, as these are also being combined with track and recessed lighting to make them more appealing.

While these are back in circulation, they're also much easier to clean and more aesthetically designed to adapt to different rooms and environments. Home décor analysts attribute the new-found interest to the widening appeal of a central lighting fixture that pulls a room together, in the same manner as some people use a fireplace to group things and make a focal point.

Effective Modern Lighting Fixture Cleaning Tips

A modern, sleek and minimalist home lighting fixture can be a room's brightest ornament, but only if its pendants, prisms and beads are shiny and sparkling clean. When these are filled dust, grime and grease,the level of elegance is diminished.

However, cleaning modern chandeliers can much of a do-it-yourself job. As the crystals and other parts inevitably may get grimy and greasy, restoring them to their shiny condition requires gently wiping them down with an approved detergent, or an ammonia solution, while doing such tasks in a careful manner.

As these lighting fixtures are made of delicate delicate materials, its owners should dust it lightly and vacuum carefully. Most lighting experts urge owners of these fixtures to call in the lighting professionals whenever a fixture is too high or too elaborate, as any lighting or home décor shop has someone who is well-trained, will get up on the ladder and clean it for you.

It may seem to be a surprise that some see minimalist or modern chandeliers to be low-maintenance and easy to clean stuff. However, there are some fixtures that can be more complicated and expensive to service than more traditional designs. These lighting pieces need constant care and upkeep, to make them last longer, and for them to continue to add that healthy glow and shine to your rooms.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Cleaning Crystal Chandeliers The Proper Way

Crystal chandeliers are elegant and ornate lighting fixture; however they are also complex accessories that need extra care especially when cleaning and handling, because when its crystals start to lose their luster and may look dull and grayish one day.

When this happens, your once-elegant lighting piece will now totally look lost in whatever room you hang it, and would be of no use to your home’s ambiance. In keeping you classy lighting fixture constantly clean, you need to regularly dust it gently every two or three months, or depending on your regular cleaning routines, and use a feather or wool duster.

Make sure that you know how to remove and assemble the parts together again before you start cleaning, so you wouldn't have any problems putting them all in one piece again.

Readying Your Tools For Regular Maintenance

When you’ve prepared all the necessary materials and tools for cleaning your chandelier, you may now commence the cleaning and maintenance process. Start by spraying a small amount of the cleaning detergent or mixture on a cloth, and carefully wipe the crystals or glass, then dry it immediately with another dry cloth or glove.

If you still wish to continue the process, carefully remove all the glass or crystals one by one and individually wipe them. Through this manner, it would be much easier for you to clean the lighting fixture's frames. You could also hand-wash the fixture's crystal or glass in lukewarm water mixed with an applicable detergent. Carefully rinse the parts immediately in clean water and dry afterwards with a clean, soft cloth.

Frequency In Cleaning Chandeliers

As recommended by lighting experts, you need to thoroughly deep-clean your crystal chandelier at least once a year. In deep cleaning this fixture, you will ensure that the crystal fixture is cleaned thoroughly. Deep cleaning requires the scrubbing and disassembly of your lighting fixture.

How To Clean Modern Chandelier Designs

If you have a much modern crystal lighting fixture, you can clean it without removing the pendants from the frame. Home lighting experts suggest that while handling the pendants, use white cotton gloves. Next, mix a cleaning solution of one part isopropyl alcohol and three parts distilled water. Put this in a spray bottle. Then put on your cotton gloves and spray one glove with the solution. The other glove should be kept dry. Carefully caress the crystal with the damp glove and wipe it afterwards with the dry glove or cloth.

Safety Advice When Removing Crystals

To be on the safe side, do not remove the crystals all at the same time, since you may not remember the exact location of each crystal when you have to put them back in place, so it would be best to remove each one at a time. In addition, never twirl or rotate your chandelier when cleaning or disassembling them. When cleaning, move your ladder or chair around your fixture, and better start cleaning in sections.

If you rotate the chandelier, this may cause it or some of its parts to fall. Lastly, do not handle the crystals with your bare hands, because they could break and cut your hands. Remember to wear white cotton gloves always, as the crystals picks up fingerprints easily, and these are truly delicate and fragile materials.

Effective Regular Chandelier Maintenance Tips

Chandeliers are quite expensive, yet elegant home decor and lighting pieces. When you already have the necessary tools needed for its proper maintenance, it's easier to carefully handle these elegant lighting pieces, and you can effectively clean and maintain them well, without breaking any parts.

Simple, Do It Yourself Maintenance Methods

For starters, you can start by spraying your lighting fixture with a small amount of the cleaning solution on a cloth, carefully wipe the crystals or glass, then let it dry it immediately with another glove or cloth. You may also completely remove the glass or crystals one by one and individually wipe them.

Through this method, it would be easier for you to clean the lighting fixture's frames. You could also try hand-washing the fixture's crystal or glass in lukewarm sudsy water, by using a mild dish washing soap or solution. Rinse the parts immediately in clean water and dry with a clean, soft cloth.

Get Manufacturer- Approved Cleaning Solutions For The Chandeliers

Today, a lot of home improvement shops and specialty lighting stores offer chandelier owners appropriate, fixture-friendly cleaning solutions and detergents, which are produced chiefly for cleaning these lighting fixtures.

You can use these by following the instructions written on the package, or seek advice from a lighting expert. For those who have classic chandelier designs, it would be better to first detach the crystal from the fixture first before cleaning. Ornate and elegant home lighting fixtures like chandeliers need extra care when cleaning and handling, because when the crystals start to lose their shine and begin to look dull, the fixture would look utterly lost and dull.

To keep your classy lighting fixtures constantly clean, dust it lightly every two or three months with a feather or wool duster. Make sure that you know how the parts come and go together before you begin cleaning, so that you wouldn't have any problems putting them back in place. Crystal needs cleaning when it appears dusty or dull. Just look at your chandelier frequently, and you’ll know when to do the cleaning.

Steps In Carefully Cleaning The Crystals

Every time you clean your house, remove the dust and grime from the chandelier using antistatic dust brush. While removing dust,take note that that crystal pendants shouldn’t beat, or hit each other, as this may create invisible cracks and dents, and may spoil the dazzling glow of your crystals. If you have a modern crystal chandelier, you can employ a cleaning method without detaching the pendants from the frame.

Most home lighting experts from many lighting fixture manufacturers suggest that, while handling pendants, use white cotton gloves. Prepare a cleaning mixture of one part isopropyl alcohol and three parts distilled water. Put this in a spray bottle, and freely spray one glove with the mixture. The other glove should be kept dry. Clean the crystals with the damp glove and quickly wipe it off with the dry one.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

How To Choose The Right Chandelier For Your Main Hall

Main halls in people’s homes are some of the most common places wherein one might find chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Aside from the dining room and living rooms, main halls are usually the place where one might consider placing a chandelier in, especially since main halls offer a lot of space to accommodate the chandelier.

Since main halls are usually what visitors often see first when they enter a person’s home, it is only fitting to place chandeliers in this area, especially since chandeliers can help make the room more aesthetically appealing, thereby imposing upon them a great first impression of your house.

Although almost any kind of chandelier can help improve the overall look and mood of your home’s main hall, there are certain kinds of chandeliers that will have a much better effect on this particular area of your house, and will have varying effects on different-looking main halls as well. It is important to remember that some chandeliers work better on a particular type, size and design pattern of a main hall that on some others, which is why you need to consider a few factors before you can determine which chandelier is right for this particular room in your house.

Factors When Choosing

One of the factors that you need to consider when you want to find and choose the right chandelier for your main hall is the amount of space that you have in that area. If you have a very spacious main hall, then it can accommodate a particularly large-sized chandelier to hang in the middle of it. A long and narrow type main hall will benefit better from two smaller chandeliers instead of just using one large one, as the two smaller chandeliers can fit well in this type of hallway. Keep in mind that if you use a smaller sized chandelier in a large area, the chandelier can be easily missed and lost within the large space, while a very large chandelier in a small room can create a feeling of a cramp and a very constricting space. Just pick the right size of chandelier for your main hall in order to avoid making the room appear too vacant or too restricted.

Another factor that you must take into consideration is the amount of lighting that you will need in order to illuminate the room well. Keep in mind that guests in your home will be greeted by your home’s main hall, so you would want to keep the main hall well lit in order to allow them to see the beauty of your main hall. Since chandeliers are not only beautiful works of art, but also serve as ornate lighting fixtures, the quality of their lighting should also be considered, which is why you should pick light bulbs that offer you with enough lighting to make the room appear bright. The wonderful thing about chandeliers, however, is that you can also use certain types of light bulbs in order to add to the chandelier’s decorative function, such as lights that flicker, giving the effect of candle light bulbs, as well as light bulbs that have different colors and shapes.

It is also important to consider the design patterns of the chandelier, as it should go along with the overall design of the room. If your chandelier is fitted with a lot of chrome finishes and elaborate design patterns, then it should serve to compliment the existing design of your main hall, not unless you are willing to change the room’s design in order to follow that of the chandelier.

Crystal Chandelier Can Give Sophistication to One’s Home

Definitely, crystal chandelier can add beauty to one’s home. It can make you home elegant and appealing.

Crystal chandeliers are lighting decors that can make you home appealing and elegant, but you have to know that crystal chandeliers come in different types with different colors, designs, style and sizes, so you will be having variety of array that you can choose from as you look for the best crystal chandelier that suits your home.

In purchasing a crystal chandelier in a home, there are some points that you have to consider to make sure that it will look at its best as it hangs on your ceiling.

In choosing a crystal chandelier, one of the points to consider is the design and style of your home, so you have to look for a crystal chandelier that matches your home.

Size is another factor to consider. You have to consider the space where you want to put the crystal chandelier. If the space is huge, then you can put a large crystal chandelier, since if you will put a little one, it will just look dull. If the space is little, then you have to put a small crystal chandelier, since if you put big crystal chandelier in a small space, then it will look crowded.

If you want to put a crystal chandelier in your home, you have to decide the exact room where you want to put your crystal chandelier. You have to know that each room requires different styles and sizes of crystal chandelier.

There are some procedures that you have to consider in order to determine the right and appropriate size in a particular room in your home that you want to put a crystal chandelier. This article will give you the procedures that you need to follow, so all you have to do is read on.

If you desire to put a crystal chandelier in your dining room, you have to choose a crystal chandelier that is about 1.5 to 2 feet wide if you have a six person dining table. If you dining table is an eight person table, then you have to choose a crystal chandelier that is 2 to 1.5 feet wide. If you have dining table which is 10 to 12 person table, you have to put crystal chandelier which is 2.5 to 3.5 feet wide.

If you desire to put a crystal chandelier in your entrance hall, then you have to choose a crystal chandelier that is 30 to 40% o your foyer’s width.

If you have to put a crystal chandelier in your living room, then you have to choose a crystal chandelier that is 20 to 30% of your living room’s width.

These are the procedures that can be helpful on finding the right size of crystal chandelier that can fit to the particular room you intend to put a crystal chandelier.

With all of these points that this article mentioned that you have to consider can be helpful on your part to look for the crystal chandelier that can make one’s home sophisticated and elegant.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Chandeliers And Feng Shui

The ancient Chinese practice called feng shui aims to teach an individual to exist in harmony with his environment, whether it be his home, garden or office surrounding, which is why it has inspired and influenced most of our modern day designs in order to achieve overall spiritual well-being, a more positive energy flow and mental state of mind.

Basically, feng shui ensures that the flow of “chi” energy in the surroundings is free in order to make the people living in that particular area or place happier and have a more positive outlook in life in general, as well as give an abundance of joy, love, peace, vitality and harmony. The practice of feng shui, which people use in order to alter the energy of their place of living in order to suit them, has a lot of different applications, one of which is on your home’s lighting.

Chandeliers, which are commonly used as ornate lighting fixtures, can also benefit from a little feng shui when incorporating it to your home’s overall aesthetic design and appearance. By making sure that the position of your lighting is correctly placed and designed, it can help create a more harmonious mood and can have an effect not only on the home’s design, but also upon the occupants of the space. This is where feng shui can help improve the quality of your life and outlook by merely improving your home’s lighting.

Feng Shui On Chandeliers

One way that this feng shui can be used on your home’s lighting is through the types of light bulbs that you may use on your lighting fixture. If your want to create a space that will generate a warmer, more inviting living space, then you should use incandescent light bulbs. These types of bulbs will be able to generate that particular mood or atmosphere to the space due to the bulb’s orange-hue. If, however, you would want to denote another mood for your environment, such as a space for relaxation, or for passion, then the type of light bulbs that you use can help you achieve it. Choose the right color for a particular environment, such as pink shades for romance, purple shades for wealth, or red shades for fame, in order to achieve the chi flow that your space needs.

The color need not originate from the lights alone, but can also come from the crystals that the chandelier may have, which is why even the colors of the crystals are just as important as the color of the lighting that the bulbs produce in order to create a certain mood or atmosphere for your space. The shapes of these crystals can also help improve the flow of chi in your home, which is the reason why a lot of people who uses crystals have these things in places where they would want to activate chi in their space.

Placing these chandeliers in areas that need lighting can help encourage positive energy flow, especially since well-lit areas have the effect of reducing the effect of negative energy. Another way that this can be achieved is through the use of uplighting, wherein beams of light in an upward angle are used to light up dark corners and areas of the house, which is believed to help with the upward flow of energy.

The location of the chandeliers can also become a factor in how chi flows in the space, which is why it is better if you place your fixture in the middle of a narrow hallway to slow down fast-moving chi.

Attractive And Energy-Efficient Home Lighting Options

The art of creating elegant,applicable and sustainable lighting options for the home is a very interesting as well as a thought-provoking process. Lighting is an important element in home décor, because not only does it highlight your surroundings, it also enables you to perceive color and texture.

When you have spent some time choosing which fixture to purchase, what colors and accessories to blend, it's now time to use these lighting options to help maximize their impact in your home. There are a lot of guidelines in creating lighting schemes, and the ides noted on this article will hopefully help add to your own ideas for creating attractive home lighting patterns and options.

Home Lighting Should Complement With A Home's Existing Furnishings

The colors,as well as the other furnishing present in your living room and other rooms, should effectively complement each other perfectly. Once you've arranged the accessories to suit your preferences, and the furniture is deemed comfortable and attractive, what else is there to arrange or fix?

When you feel that the room still lacks the inviting atmosphere you imagined, think of the aspects that you failed to consider. According to home lighting experts, attractive, well-lit rooms most often combine the four types of lighting:

- Natural lighting includes sunlight, candlelight and fireplace light. The quality of natural light however varies, depending on the time of day, weather, season and the room's location.

- Ambient or general lighting helps provide a safe and comfortable level of light.

- Task lighting supplies the intense directed light needed for detailed work.

- Accent lighting helps highlight interesting features in your home's decor.

What To Take Note when Planning About Home Lighting

Here are some helpful hints to take into consideration as you plan the lighting throughout your home. Whenever your deciding on the lighting options for a room, consider these concerns like, What kind of mood should they create?, what type of activities take place in the room?, and what decorative elements do you want to attract attention?

Generally, to create an inviting atmosphere, the experts suggest using three to five light sources in every room. To simplify your decorating options, there are home lighting designs and items available with the same finish and style for chandeliers, wall-mounted sconces, pendants, floor and table lamps. Using the lighting fixtures from the same collection within a single room will help to create a more unified look.

To make your rooms look more interesting, vary the height of the light sources in the room. The differing height patterns will help to add depth and glow, by creating separate areas of light and shade. Usually in most rooms, you need to allow for varying intensities of light. You could do this by adding dimmer switches or three-way bulbs in lamps. It's also good to have alternate switching patterns between general lighting, task lights, lamps and accent lighting.

For instance, while you are preparing for a dinner party, you'll need task lighting instead of accent lighting, However, when your guests arrive, you'll probably want to be able to switch off the task lights and turn on the accent lights. You should also remember that since darker colors absorb light, you'll probably need to use more lighting in rooms decorated with dark colors than rooms with light colors.

Green, Eco-Friendly Lighting Options

In todays eco-conscious and earth-friendly lighting markets, as the focus on living "greener" has become the popular ideal, more consumers are demanding, and receiving, lighting options that are energy efficient for home interiors.

From energy-saving light bulbs to lighting materials produced with the least amount of negative environmental impact possible, many manufacturers and designers are responding with earth-friendly fixtures for ecology-conscious consumers.However, there need not be a compromise on style, either, as some of the most elegant and desirable lighting fixtures are the most visually appealing as well.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Caring For Your Home's Chandeliers

Chandeliers are exquisite,elegantly-created lighting fixtures that bring a unique and shiny glow to many homes. These ornate lighting pieces need specialized cleaning when its crystals lose their shine and begin to look dull.

According to home decor experts, you should clean modern-style chandeliers with glass shades when they start to look grimy and dull. One of the most common methods of keeping your chandelier constantly clean, is to dust it lightly every two or three months with a feather duster or wool duster.

Safety Tips In Proper Chandelier Cleaning

When cleaning this elegant lighting piece, keepin mind that safety is always first. Before anything else, you need to put a sign on the lihgitng fixture's switch,saying that it should not be switched on. The next step is to assess the condition of your lighting fixture. If you think that simply spraying the crystals will do the job, then do it.

However, if this method is not enough, then you may need to undertake another approach. If you are going to clean this through the spraying method, you need to cover all the light bulbs with plastic. Once you've covered the bulbs, you can spray cleaning solution on the crystals and just let them drip. You should also ensure not to spray on any wires.

Extra Caution Is Needed When Cleaning These Fixtures

These exquisite lighting fixtures need extra care when cleaning, especially when its crystals begin to lose its luster and starts to look grimy and unkempt. To keep these elegant lighting pieces regularly clean, you need to dust it lightly every two or three months with a feather or wool duster. In addition, ensure that you also know how your chandelier's design goes together before you begin cleaning, so that you won't have any worries about properly putting it back in place again.

If simple spraying will not do the job, then you may need to remove all the crystals, and wash them by hand using the applicable cleaning mixture. Remember not to commit the same mistake as other people did, like when they put the crystals in the dishwasher. Once the crystals have been dried out, remove the plastic covers from the bulbs and wipe the non-crystal parts of the chandelier using the cleaning cloth.

Take Good Care Of The Fixture's Electrical Components

For safety purposes, it's good to remember to take care of any electrical components, and follow standard safety precautions. Always turn off the lighting fixture's power at the wall switch and remember to set up a secondary light nearby, so you won't be working in the dark. In addition, do not rotate or twirl the chandelier when cleaning it.

It would be good to walk or move your ladder around the fixture, and clean the fixture in sections. When you rotate a chandelier, you stand a good chance of loosening the support, which might cause the chandelier or its components to fall. If the lighting fixture is hard to get at, it's a good thing to change out all of the bulbs when you are cleaning it.

Most home decor and lighting shops offer appropriate chandelier cleaning mixtures and solutions, which are also manufactured by lighting manufacturers specifically for cleaning these lighting fixtures. You can use these cleaning solutions by following the instructions on the package.

Factors to Consider in Choosing Crystal Chandelier for Your Living Room

The living room is one of the particular rooms in a home where you can find a crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling. You can also find crystal chandeliers from the dining rooms and main halls of people homes.

The living room is the place where the visitors stay when they are in a person’s home, so usually, this particular room is the place where a person might consider putting crystal chandelier to make it more appealing and attractive to visitors. Indeed, having a crystal chandelier in your living room can make it more impressive to visitors. Most people prefer to put an elegant and sparkling crystal chandelier in their living rooms.

Yes, any types of crystal chandelier can make the living room of a home appealing and elegant but there are particular or certain crystal chandeliers that can give much effect on this particular room. You definitely know that crystal chandeliers comes with different types, sizes and design, so you have to find a particular crystal chandelier that will look best on your living room. In choosing the best crystal chandelier in your living room, there are some factors that you need to know and consider before purchasing any crystal chandelier for your living room.

The first factor that you need to know and consider when finding the right crystal chandelier for your living room is the space of the room itself. You have to look at the space o your living room, is it huge or small. If you have a huge living room, you can choose a big crystal chandelier, to make your living room attractive and elegant enough for you and your visitors. If your living room is small then put a little crystal chandelier, since in putting large crystal chandelier in a small room can make the room crowded. So you really have to consider the space and size of the room and crystal chandelier to avoid making your living room appear to be too vacant and too crowded.

The next factor to consider is the amount of lighting you need to make your living room well-lit. In order for you and your visitors to see the beauty of your living room, you have to make sure that the crystal chandelier can illuminate the right amount of lighting. Definitely, crystal chandelier serves as complex lighting fixture, so it should bear the right amount of lighting that can add with the beauty of your living room. The good thing about crystal chandeliers is that, they can be use with different types of light bulbs, with different colors, styles and design. So absolutely, crystal chandelier is a piece of art that can give elegance and beauty to one’s home.

In choosing crystal chandelier in your living room, you also have to consider the overall design of your living room. You have to find a crystal chandelier that matches the total design and style of your living room to make it more appealing and attractive.

This article mentioned some factors that can be helpful on your part in choosing the right crystal chandelier that can fit and can give beauty to one’s home.

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Is Your Chandelier Really Crystal? How To Tell

Crystals chandeliers are some of the more sought after ornate lighting fixtures for homes mainly due to its elegance, regality and exquisiteness while still maintaining its functionality as a lighting fixture.

They can engender feelings of warmth and wealth to its owners, allowing them to embellish and foster a rather stylish ambiance for whichever room they may choose to hang it in the house, making it an essential ingredient to any household in terms of having an aesthetically pleasing interior lighting.

There are a lot of different types of crystal chandeliers, varying in size, shape, design and lights, giving you the opportunity to find one that best fits your style and home décor. You also need to take a few factors into consideration, such as the size of the room where you intend to put your crystal chandelier, the design of the room and its color, as well as the lighting needs of that room, before you can choose which type of crystal chandeliers is best for your room’s aesthetic and functional needs.

Although some crystals chandeliers are more expensive than others, especially since some are made from different crystals, and others have a more ornate and elaborate design patterns and more expensive construction materials, buying a low-costing crystal chandelier does not necessarily mean that you have gotten the better end of the deal. There are some crystal chandeliers out there that are not made from actual crystals, which means that some crystal chandelier manufacturers use fake crystals in their creation, making you actually spend more on something that isn’t what you think it is. Keep in mind that the main aspect of crystal chandeliers that makes them so appealing is their crystals, and having fake crystals is far less rewarding and has a lot less visual impact as compared to having the real ones.

There are ways that you can determine the authenticity and quality of the crystals that the crystal chandelier that you are eyeing has, one of which is through the use of light. Keep in mind that crystals have the ability to reflect prisms of light, which means that when light passes through the crystals, there should be a full spectrum of colors that would emanate from it, energizing the entire room while dazzling the eyes of those who may gaze upon it. Ordinary glass chandeliers will not be able to duplicate the spectrum of light that crystal chandeliers are able to produce, so be sure to test them out before making the decision to buy one. Don’t forget that the atoms of the crystals are ordered in a way that they can perfectly reflect light and color, so the crystal chandelier that you are eyeing should be able to interact with light if it is real.

Although most crystal chandeliers are expensive, it isn’t always the best way to determine if a particular crystal chandelier has real crystals or not, especially since there exists cheaper versions of these crystals in the form of lead crystals. But nonetheless, real crystal chandeliers should still cost you a considerable amount of money, especially if it is brand new, and more so if it is manufactured by a well-known crystal chandelier-producing company. You can actually check with the manufacturers and inquire what kinds of crystals are being used in their creation in order to ensure that you are getting the real thing.

Why Huge Homes Prefer Chandeliers

Chandeliers are known for their elegance and exquisiteness as ornate lighting fixtures in a person’s home. They have the ability to transform a room from being an ordinary looking space, into an area that is so vibrant and regal by simply hanging on its ceiling. Chandeliers can have a great deal of influence on a home’s overall design, especially since this type of lighting fixtures can draw so much attention to them.

Although chandeliers can come in a variety of sizes, making it possible for a person to place a chandelier in virtually almost every part of his home, from their home’s grand hallway or entrance, to their doorbells, nothing can match the regality or the exquisiteness of a large chandelier that can be seen hanging in one’s home. There is just something about a large piece of functional art such as a chandelier that captivates people to it, especially if the space where the chandelier is hanging is just as extravagant and just as beautiful on its own. This makes it difficult for smaller-sized homes to house a large chandelier in its space, which means that the only place where chandeliers can truly shine are in homes that are larger in size.

Huge Homes And Chandeliers

Huge homes have some of the factors that help make them very conducive for housing chandeliers, especially those which are quite large in size. One of the factors that helps home’s accommodate larger chandeliers are their distinctly high ceilings. Usually, huge homes can have very high ceilings, which could be one of the reasons why they are huge in the first place. If these homes have high ceilings, then you will have a lot more space for your larger-sized chandeliers, more specifically, for those which have dangling designs. Not a lot of homes can pull off this type of chandelier, and having smaller versions of this type of chandelier is just not the same as the larger ones. They do not have the same visual impact as those of much larger sizes, which is why having enough space for dangling chandeliers can help make the difference in the space’s overall look.

Another factor why huge homes prefer chandeliers for their lighting fixture is that it can help make the entire ceiling area look more aesthetically pleasing, as compared to just filling it up with different lights. Having a chandelier in your space can serve as both the lighting fixture and as the design piece as well, eliminating any need to find separate pieces that can be done by just one chandelier. Since huge homes have a lot of ceiling space to cover, having one ornate and exquisite chandelier in the middle of it can help occupy your ceiling even if there are still a lot of ceiling spaces left. Chandeliers allow you to fill up a space without really having to fill it up literally.

It is also important to not that chandeliers are associated with wealth and affluence, which is probably why a lot of people who owns huge homes prefer to have chandeliers as their lighting fixtures in certain areas of their homes. People mostly buy these ornate lighting fixtures mainly for aesthetic purposes, which can cause an incredible visual impact on visitors. People who are wealthy may want to let other people know that they are living a wealthy lifestyle, and one way to do that is through chandeliers the use of chandeliers.