Sunday, May 20, 2012

Coral Gables Real Estate Owners Can Soon Look Forward To Newly Paved Streets

The city of Coral Gables is among the prime cities within Miami which offer people the opportunity to live within a place that is warm, beautiful and truly outstanding as far as today’s living standards is concerned. It has even been recognized as being The City Beautiful because of the fact that it is exactly what it is!

Many property buyers consider the vast selection of  Coral Gables Real Estate options because of these reasons and many more which are more than enough for convince people that the city is definitely a place of great quality and high value. 

Its location has even proven to be a spectacular one as it is only minutes away from Downtown Miami and the Miami International Airport. It also offers access to such splendid waterfront locations where people can become fully immersed in the grand luxury of living within close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay. 

But the thousands of residents of the city have even more to look forward to as local government efforts are leaning towards making overall improvements as far as the city streets are concerned. In fact, city officials have already begun resurfacing about 30 lane miles of streets found all throughout the city. 

The efforts of improving the city streets of Coral Gables is part of the Neighborhood Renaissance Program which was approved by the City Commission. The program is considered to be truly ambitious as it intends to resurface a volume of streets which would normally take at least a decade to complete. 

Coral Gables real estate owners will definitely benefit from the said project as there will definitely be more value to their properties once these efforts have come to their completion. 

The first phase of the program involves neighborhood streets which are located north of US1. Once the work begins in June, people can expect an estimated three months before the work comes to an end and then the next phase of resurfacing any remaining streets will also be attended to. 

With all of the efforts working together in order to improve the appearance of the city streets, there is no doubt that people will consider Coral Gables to be even more than just a beautiful city to live in as people will definitely see how the local government works towards providing an even better environment for its residents and guests. 

If you have always wanted to live within a city where everyone works towards being the best that it can be then you will definitely get in touch with a real estate agent that specializes in Coral Gables real estate properties because all of these efforts are sure to make the city even more appealing than ever before.

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