Monday, May 28, 2012

Italian National Purchases Three-Story Luxury Penthouse In Miami Beach For $25 Million

People who are looking to purchase real estate within the United States will find it to be a good idea to look into locations such as the city of Miami Beach in South Florida simply because of the incredible beauty that has placed the region on the map as far as being one of the best beach resort destinations on the planet. 

Out of all the many different real estate options that are available within the city, real estate figures show that Miami Beach Condos hold such high market value and remain to be among the most popular choices for property buyers from all around the world. 

In fact, one of the most recent sales which have been known within the city involves one three-story penthouse property at the Continuum with ceilings that are up to 25 feet in height. Such luxury is definitely seen to be awe-inspiring, especially if you were to consider the fact that it was sold for as much as $25 million! 

While luxury real estate options within the city are a common spectacle on the local property market scene, the five-bedroom penthouse with seven and a half baths has managed to break the record for the most expensive condo within the Miami-Dade County area. 

The stunning condo was sold to an Italian national who clearly places a lot of value when it comes to personal privacy which happens to be one of the main features of penthouse living. Of course, Miami Beach condos are known to provide everyone their much-needed privacy, but the degree of privacy that is offered within the newly purchase home space is simply second to none. 

If you are hoping to purchase one of the many Miami Beach condos on the property market today, you will definitely find it to be in your best interest to get in touch with a professional agent that can provide you with luxury options for your needs as such superb property options are not always found on public listings which is exactly the case for the three-story penthouse. 

Apparently, the Italian national had mentioned a need for property options which had high ceilings. Lo and behold, the Continuum had exactly what he needed and was then given the opportunity to make his move. 

There are many great options that can be found within the city of Miami Beach that can live up to your own personal standards. Whether you are also looking for high ceilings or more floor space, you are sure to have all your expectations met within the city of Miami Beach.

Yaz Morgan

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