Saturday, April 21, 2012

Understanding The Appreciating Land Value Of Star Island Real Estate On The Market

Star Island real estate is considered to be one of the most valuable real estate options in the United States as proven by the fact that home properties found within the island community are among the most expensive luxury real estate options around today. 

While the vast majority of property buyers tend to be more concerned with the overall functionality and design of their options, it becomes ideal to actually look into what it is about Star Island Real Estate that makes it so valuable on the property market as it can help people come to terms with the fact that these properties are indeed among the best options that anyone can consider, especially among those who see such purchases are long-term investments. 

First of all, it is important to note that Star Island is located on an artificial island found in Biscayne Bay, Florida. People that are familiar with real estate will know that waterfront properties tend to hold more value on the market and such is the case with Star Island which found next to other waterfront communities such as Palm and Hibiscus Island. 

The island itself has a land area of only 0.134 square miles and the fact that it only caters to as many as 35 luxury homes means that there are only a limited few who will actually be able to have the satisfaction of being able to live within such an exclusive community. Among the most popular residents that own Fisher Island real estate are Rosie O’Donnell, Sean Combs, and Gloria Estefan. 

While the structure of luxury homes found upon the island may depreciate over time, the value of the island on which these luxury homes are situated will continue to go up, especially since there is only a limited amount of land to begin with. 

Of course, being able to purchase such beautiful luxury homes plays an integral part in what makes Star Island real estate so appealing to property buyers from all around the world, but seeing how valuable Star Island real estate now is only a key component in being able to grasp the concept of how much more value it is likely to hold in the upcoming years, especially since more people will want to be able to own such fabulous homes within the region. 

Nevertheless, there is no telling how fast the rate of appreciation will be in the future and people who are hoping to invest on property options within the region will have to sit back and relax until the market allows them to find out. Until then, people who seek to acquire the best value in real estate possible will find Fisher Island to be one of the best options within the country today as proven by the fact that its value has remained on an upward tick which reflects positively among today’s property buyers.

Luxury Real Estate In South Florida: The Top Three Locations For Miami Luxury Condos

Miami luxury condos are easily one of the top real estate property options found in the South Florida region today. Their popularity has been so immense that they are numerous projects which are currently in development in order to cater to the high demand for these exceptional property options. 

If you happen to be one of the many individuals who would like to purchase the most outstanding real estate property options within the region then you should look into the best locations where you can find the best luxury condos within Miami and we have provided our own compilation of what we believe to be the top three locations for Miami Luxury Condos that offer the most exclusive luxury options that can be found within the region today. 

Bal Harbour 

The upscale village of Bal Harbour is a truly pristine paradise location found on the northern section of the barrier island known as Miami Beach in South Florida. It is home to a number of high-rise residences such as the Bellini Bal Harbour, Harbour House, One Bal Harbour, and the St. Regis — all of which are found within close proximity to the village’s world-famous Bal Harbour shops where people can expect to find many designer brands, signature names, and many other options will are sure to enhance the luxury of living within such a fabulous location. 

Sunny Isles 

Further up north along Collins Avenue is a glamorous city that is known for being able to offer people with a world-class opportunity to indulge in sophisticated living within a setting that showcases the South Florida horizon at its best. Miami luxury condos located within the city of Sunny Isles Beach are among the most impressive condos in existence today as they are lined up along the white sand coast like gems right by the ocean. Acqualina, Jade Beach, Jade Ocean, La Perla, Trump Palace, and Trump Royale are among the best high-rise residences within the city of Sunny Isles Beach. 

South Beach 

Down south the stretch of Collins Avenue and along Alton Road are many superb luxury condos which are part of the South Beach neighborhood which happens to be one of the most hip and happening places within the city of Miami Beach. If you are looking to purchase Miami luxury condos in order to experience the best that South Florida has to offer then South Beach is definitely going to be one of the best options for you as you will be surrounded by an extensive selection of shopping areas, dining options, recreational choices, and a world-class selection of high-rise residences such as the 1500 Ocean Drive, Bentley Bay, Il Villaggio, Setai South Beach, and the W South Beach which are luxurious real estate property options that are guaranteed to provide you with the highest degree of luxury possible.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Fisher Island Condos Offer The Best Luxury And Location For Property Buyers In The United States

Condos are easily one of the best real estate options within the United States today as they have proven to be an excellent choice for people who seek modern home spaces that are exceptional in style and functionality. 

Also, the fact that they offer the added ease and convenience of not having to worry about the usual issues that come with home-ownership makes them an even better option for people who seek quality in their real estate options. 

Much like any other real estate purchase, property buyers are encouraged to put a lot of thought into the actual location of their prospective property options. If you happen to be one of the many property buyers who would like to learn more about the best places to find condos within the country today then you should definitely consider the selection of  Fisher Island Condos which are found within South Florida—a region that just so happens to be one of the most beautiful locations in the world. 

The neighborhood of Fisher Island is considered to be one of the most exclusive areas within the South Florida region today. It is situated minutes away from the mainland and is accessible via boat or ferry as there are no roads or highways which connect the island to the rest of Miami. 

Aside from being relatively remote in comparison to other island communities, Fisher Island is also one of the safest as there are strict security measures being implemented throughout the neighborhood due to the fact that many of the residents and guests of the island are high profile individuals that come from all over the world whose safety and privacy are of utmost importance. 

People who seek luxury will find Fisher Island condos to be highly appealing because—aside from the fact that the 216-acre island embodies the very essence of a tropical paradise setting within South Florida—Fisher Island condos offer people an opportunity to enjoy living within exceptional modern home spaces that are found within a community that offers breath-taking views of the Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean which are by far among the most astounding sights in the world today. 

Furthermore, Fisher Island condos provide people with access to an extensive set of amenities and features that are offered exclusively at the Fisher Island Club which includes the Beach Club where pool facilities are found within The Mansion, the Spa Internazionale which is globally recognized for its world-class health and beauty treatments, the Marina and Yachting Center comprised of two deep-water marinas, sports facilities, and even a selection of international dining options and lounges. 

If you would like to become a part of a community that is situated in one of the most outstanding locations in the United States today, you should definitely get in touch with a professional real estate agent that can provide you with more information on Fisher Island condos that are available to you on the property market today.

Miami Homes For Sale: Prices Continue To Increase For The Fourth Consecutive Month

Miami homes for sale have gone up in price for the fourth consecutive month in March 2012 as the inventory for homes and condominiums continue to decrease. Furthermore, Miami foreclosures now account for a much smaller percentage of transactions being made within the region today.

The price of condominiums within the Miami-Dade County area have increased by as much as 46 percent from 2011 as they are now found on the property market with a median price of $141,700. Single-family homes, on the other hand, have increased in price by as much as 13 percent for a median price today of $180,000. 

After employment rates fell in 2011, it seems that the real estate values are back on the rise once again. And now that today’s inventory supply for homes and condominiums has been observed to drop by as much as 24 percent in March compared to the supply available in the previous year, people can expect the property prices to remain on an upward spike until inventory levels stabilize in the near future. 

Miami foreclosures which have been noted to account for at least 49 percent of sales made have also gone down by as much as 52 percent compared to the previous year. 

Real estate experts feel that property buyers who were able to act upon the Miami real estate market during 2009 and 2010 are definitely among the most advantageous of all since many of them will now find that their investments are guaranteed to pay off as it could very well be the bottom of the pan for the Miami real estate market as far as the inventory supply is concerned. 

Last month, 65 percent of all real estate sales were comprised of cash buyers; however, that number is down 66 percent compared to the number of cash buyers within the region in March 2011. Nevertheless, around 90 percent of all foreign property buyers continue to carry out their purchases in cash. 

People can expect the noted trend to carry on in the next couple of months as many believe that the Miami real estate market will continue to attract foreign property buyers as well as investors into the region.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Miami Luxury Condos: The Best Residential Option For Buyers Due To Their Great Price And Location

There are a lot of reasons for condo property buyers and investors to choose Miami as their prime residential property location because of the fact that the city is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the entire country! Oh, and the finest Miami Luxury Condos you can ever dream of can be found right here!

If you are looking for a good real estate property in the United States but feel somewhat unsure as to where the best location can be found, you can try visiting several residential properties in Miami because you will surely be amazed with the variety of properties available within the today.

Of course, the number of residential properties a few years ago and today is different as there are only of a few months of remaining inventory left available on today’s residential property market.

A lot of people find Miami one of the most ideal places to live in because of the fact that the condos in Miami are more affordable than anywhere else in the country! If you were to look at the statistics, most of the residential property sales during the past few years are being made by people from different countries all over the world that chose Miami as their top residential neighborhood because of the unbeatable price and luxury they can get in the United States.

Every condo hunter or buyer has thought of choosing Miami because there is simply no other city in the United States right now that can compete with the affordability and luxury of the residential properties in Miami. The real estate market of Miami may start to have a shortage of residential properties soon, but it is not too late for you to invest in this place! You may not get the property you have always wanted (because somebody might have beaten you to it) at least you will still get the luxury to pick properties related to the ones you were looking for.

The residential market of Miami is coming at a point where it will need to develop newer properties, neighborhoods and communities. If you are willing to wait for the next breed of Miami luxury condos, the time is all yours. But if you want to get residential properties while they are still affordable then you will have to act quickly because time is not on your side! The residential market of Miami is receiving transactions almost on a daily basis, so if you want a property soon, do something fast.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Coconut Grove Real Estate In Miami Offers An Abundance Of Places To See And Things To Do

One of the most beautiful things about Coconut Grove Real Estate is the fact that there are so many amazing places to see and many fun things to do which makes it a prime option for people who are hoping to make the best of their experience.

Beginning with the fact that the neighborhood of Coconut Grove is one of the oldest inhabited communities within Miami makes it a historically rich location where you can be sure to find remnants of the past which essentially paved the way to make it what it is today.

Of course, the atmosphere is one of the most fascinating features of all, but we are going to look at the assortment of things that await people within the truly amazing neighborhood in Miami which is located north of North Prospect Drive, south of the Rickenbacker Causeway, and west of Biscayne Bay.

People of all ages will find a lot of great things to see and do which are sure to make the experience worthwhile. In fact, you would not even need an itinerary because you can simply walk around the neighborhood and indulge in the idyllic surroundings that are filled with tall trees and lush greenery which is relaxing in every way.

Nevertheless, being a historical neighborhood with a long history up its sleeve, people will definitely find it to be a good idea to look into the lives of the neighborhood’s residents during the 1920s at the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens located along South Miami Avenue.

Speaking of old, people will probably want to swing by the oldest house which is still found in its original position over at the Barnacle State Park. If you are someone who takes an interest in historic Coconut Grove real estate then you will definitely want to make time to check it out because it really is one of the most interesting features that can be found within the neighborhood. Also, you might even be able to catch one of the many events and concerts which are held at the Barnacle State Park every month.

After checking out the historical richness of the neighborhood, you will find it to be a great idea to unwind and relax over some good food which you can find in a variety of places, including an extensive organic selection of products you can find at the Farmer’s Market which is located right along Grand Avenue.

At the end of the day, you will be able to come right home to property options which you can easily choose from that will provide you with the comfort and luxury that you are looking for. Whether you opt for Coconut Grove real estate homes or apartments, or even if you would rather stay at one of the outstanding hotels within the area, you are definitely going to love Coconut Grove real estate because of what it has to offer to bring you a most memorable time in Miami.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Miami Luxury Homes Can Turn Your Dreams Of Living In A Palace Become A Reality

There are people who have always dreamed of being able to live in a palace of their own and many grow up thinking that such dreams are unlikely to ever come true but that isn’t always the cases, especially in places such as Miami where so many of the biggest dreams have been known to turn into a reality.

Miami is a magical place located right along the Atlantic coast of South Florida and people from all around the world have found it to be such a great place to be because of the fact that it has such fabulous tropical climate, surreal natural beauty, captivating views of the ocean and its horizon, and many grand lifestyle options which include an extensive selection of Miami luxury homes which could very well be the ideal palace for any fairytale set within a modern time.

Many of these outstanding home properties are found within exclusive communities which provide people with a superb selection of waterfront luxury homes which are situated upon massive lots of prime real estate within the region.

If you have always wanted to have a palace of your own then you will definitely be in for a treat as the Miami real estate market offers a vast range of options which provide property buyers with high quality options that are perfect in every possible way. You might even find Miami Luxury Homes that have their own moat and bridge if you are lucky enough to find options that are found sitting on a lake of its own!

You could have your very own boathouse, a beautiful outdoor garden filled with the most amazing blooms you can imagine, a pond of your own where you can have your very own fishes to take care of, and so many other features that people would only be able to imagine in their wildest dreams!

One such area that can provide you with such an extravagant type of luxury home is The Hammocks which is an exclusive suburban neighborhood within Miami-Dade County in Florida. In fact, the modern-day castle is currently being offered for sale on the property market for a value of $10.9 million which is quite fair considering the fact that it really does seem like a vision from a childhood dream.

At the end of the day, people will find that the sky is the limit when it comes to what can be achieved if you have what it takes to live in one of many Miami luxury homes in the region. If you would like to find out more information on what options are now available on the market then you should definitely get in touch with a real estate agent that can help you move one step closer to finding the palace that you have always wanted.